Investor Relations

Kangqiao Service Group Limited

SINCE 2010

Listed enterprises on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code 2205. HK), national first-level property qualification enterprises, China's top 100 property service enterprises, the governing unit of China Property Management Association, the deputy secretary-general unit of Henan Property Management Association, and the deputy chairman unit of Zhengzhou Property Management Association.

Company Profile

Kangqiao Service is a leading comprehensive property service operator in Central China and well-known across the country. The properties it manages include residential properties, commercial properties, office buildings, industrial parks, and public properties. It has been voted among China’s Top 100 Property Management Companies by China Index Academy for seven consecutive years since 2016, and ranked 29th in 2022. 

The company adheres to the road of national layout, deeply cultivates Henan, and gradually expands its business to other key areas, covering 31 cities in 8 provinces across the country.As of June 30, 2022, the company has an area under management of 29.5 million square meters and a contract area of 61.1 million square meters.

Starting from the in-depth study of the industry, Joy Life continued to build the core competitiveness of the enterprise based on customer needs, and finally concluded as the "five forces and four modernizations" strategy. Among them, the "five forces" are service, operation, organization, technology and brand power, and the "four modernizations" are service standardization, standard productization, product branding and brand value. At the same time, under the strategy of "five forces and four modernizations", the company pays attention to brand matching and support, that is, the residential product line - "happy life", the commercial management product line - "happy business management", the urban service product line - "happy city service", and forms a brand structure of multiple product lines, and implements different levels of brand classification in this product line, For example, under the residential product line "Joy Life", there are "Joyful Service, Joyful Service and Joyful Service" for different levels of residential business and case service.


With the responsibility of the times and the expectations of customers, Joylife will create an excellent future with quality and technology, and is committed to becoming an excellent service provider for a better life and smart city. On the way forward, we will share high-quality resources with friends from all walks of life in a flexible cooperation mode, win-win development opportunities, and work together to create a better future!